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A pilot aligns the reamers when two holes must be reamed in line with each other. Many of our pilots use a "floating" tapered guide sleeve. The sleeve is seated in one hole, guiding the reamer as it reams the other hole.

  1. Most of the reamers we make are intended for hand use only. Using them with power tools can cause damage to the reamer, the work piece, or yourself!!
  2. Select the proper reamer. Adjust the size if needed.
  3. Mount the workpiece securely, such as in a vise. Attach a tap wrench to the reamer's square shank. In some cases, it might be easier to mount the reamer to the vice and turn the work piece.
  4. Align the reamer with the hole and begin turning (clockwise for right hand cut reamers). Apply even pressure while turning. Generally, using a cutting fluid will improve your surface finish and prolong the life of the reamer.
  5. Do not turn the reamer backwards even when removing it from the hole.
  6. Don't take to heavy of a cut. .002-.005 per pass is typical, maybe more if reaming easy material.
We have been manufacturing reamers for over a century. We are always glad to help you with your reamers or reamers application problems. Any Chadwick & Trefethen reamer that shows definite defects in material or workmanship will be replaced.

Reamers enlarge existing holes to an exact size with a smooth finish where a precise fit is required. We offer several types.
With their broad adjustment range, they are very versatile and economical for repair or prototype jobs, especially when the hole size is determined at the time of assembly. They are not intended for high production work.

Size adjustment: the blades are held in tapered slots by an adjusting nut on either end. To adjust, loosen one nut and tighten the other, moving the blades up or down the slot as needed. Do not over tighten... the slots and threads are easily damaged. To measure size, adjust to a known size bushing or ring, or measure across two opposite blades with a micrometer.

Repair parts and resharpening are available.
Replacement blades are available "off the shelf", but for more satisfactory results return the reamer to our factory. We will install new blades and test cut with them at no additional charge.